Playing with Time. Returns

“Playing with Time. Returns” is a continuation of the film “Playing with Time” made by director Jarosław Wszędybyła ten years ago. In 1999, a group of friends graduated from Polish philology studies, then they made an amateur film about their plans for life and how they imagine the future. After 10 years, the director, who was one of this group, decided to find them. Today, after another 10 years, the director returns to his old friends, portraying them at the moment of another important life test.

Agnieszka just lost her job, she is recently divorced. Jacek is trying to rebuild a relationship with his daughter, with whom he has had very limited contact in recent years. Kuba is increasingly tied up by a relationship with his dominant wife. Marek has doubts as to whether the costs of an intense professional life are worth bearing them further. Tomek feels that in his life and profession he has reached the point where a new challenge is needed. The other Tomek is trying to get used to the death of his parents and the fact that now he is responsible for being the eldest in the family.

These six are the characters of the movie “Playing with Time. Returns”. It is also a group of friends from the time of joint Polish philology studies. Finishing it in 1999, they made an amateur film about how they envision the future. 10 years later, the director Jarosław Wszędybył, also one of this group, sought them out by making the film “Playing with Time” and deciding that every 10 years he would be making the next episodes of this story.

Then, in 2009, he met his friends at the moment of the first serious test in life – the clash of youthful ideals with adult life. Today, 10 years later, he meets them in another important moment in life – the first serious reflection on where they are.

“Playing with Time. Returns” is, apart from a very personal journey through human life, also a universal story about contemporary Poland, especially the one beyond the front pages of newspapers. A professional cross-section of protagonists, from a worker to a politician, discreet observation of their property, which appears as if on the occasion of subsequent visits, the image of Polish small towns and cities sneaking through the windows of trains and buses tells not only about the life of modern 40-year-olds. It’s also a story about contemporary Poland.

documentary film – development
production country: Poland
film delivery: 2024
estimated running time:  90′

Development co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

Director Jarosław Wszędybył
Screenwriter Jarosław Wszędybył
Cinematography Filip Drożdż
Script cosultant Jacek Bławut
Producer Karolina Śmigiel
Production company UNI-SOLO Studio