Film and media education

We have substantial experience in the field of film education. We created many workshop programs and were responsible for their educational purposes. We can also help in fundraising.

Our workshops so far:

→ film education courses for teachers, educators, and culture animators: documentary course, feature film course, found-footage course – the goal is to teach the basics of film tools and to create participants’ own film etudes;

→ film workshops for youth and adults combining issues of film shooting, film image, music and acting; the result are film and acting etudes created by the participants;

→ film and media workshops for young people and activists on social issues – combining reportage, new media, social activities, local activity, resistance to oppression and human rights violations – the effect is short documentary, reportage and new media projects;

→ classes for students of cultural studies, psychology, film studies, and film production on topics such as editing – ‘found footage’ technique; changes in documentary cinema; the psychology in the building of protagonist; between the plot and the documentary; film promotion and distribution.

We have been cooperating with among others:

New Horizons Association (New Horizons Academy, New Horizons Summer Academy during IFF New Horizons in Wroclaw, Citizens on the Horizon)

Krzysztof Komeda Film Festival in Ostrow Wielkopolski

Piotr Łazarkiewicz Film Academy in Jarocin

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw

Warsaw Film School

Wild Berry Film Association

Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”

Activist against Xenocide (Kreisau-Initiative)

That’s not all!

We still have numerous unrealized ideas for film and media workshops. We’ll gladly realize them for groups, institutions or organizations. We organize individual workshops as well. We can prepare and organize a specific program catered for your requests and needs. The moment when one stands behind a camera and is truly live changing.

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